Custom Human Robots Designs & Produces Humanoid Robots.


All human robots are designed according to the specifications discussed about and agreed upon with you, and operate either independently (automatically), with our virtually limitless artificial intelligence (A.I.), or manually, with your controls, using CHR VR READY Virtual Reality Technology™ in the Robot Operating System™ (ROS 2020™).


Custom Human Robots received funding from USA Angel Investors (of

Angel investors funding, providing capital to entrepreneurs with bright ideas.


The human robot can have any appearance you wish for (be it male, female or gender neutral) and the specific capabilities necessary for making it a highly valuable asset, whether it’s for personal, business, research or even military use. It can learn everything you want, and can even operate from basic Internet of Things home devices to land or aerial vehicles (cars, trucks, helicopters, drones and more).


Human Robots - Custom Human Robots - Humanoid Robots - Human-like Robots - Robots that Look Like Humans Customhumanrobots

Human Robots – Custom Human Robots – Humanoid Robots – Human-like Robots – Robots that Look Like Humans –


In 2020, We’ve Officially Launched the Robot Operating System(ROS 2020)


Starting with 2020, all human robots will be running the Robot Operating System™ (ROS 2020™) allowing each user to not only use the human robot as their own avatar, but to also add a lot more to the capabilities of each human robot to perform practically unlimited tasks, independently.


Custom Human Robots ROS 2020


A Custom Human Robot™ (CHR™) will never forget what you want it to do. However, each user is able to change operating modes from automatic to manual, in order to override the artificial intelligence (A.I.) of the human robot and control it manually.




Confidentiality for Each User and Custom Human Robot™ Ordered


Our customers want to keep all of the information related to each of their orders strictly confidential, so do not ask Custom Human Robots to disclose locations and/or provide any information related to other orders of human robots.

We, at Custom Human Robots, will be able to discuss all of the issues related to your order(s), but nothing related to the identity or orders of other customers. Also, we will treat your order observing and applying the strictest confidentiality, while permanently maintaining complete privacy related to you, our customer, including your orders.




Human Robots Maintenance (CHR™ Improve & Maintain Program)


Human robots can function indefinitely. All human robots will be functional even after we will no longer be alive, so there’s no need to worry about an eventual “expiry date”. Our human robots will always be there, built to last much more after we’re gone.

However, the yearly average runtime of any Custom Human Robot™ sits at around 8000 hours. A couple of weeks every year, your human robot must be temporarily returned for maintenance and upgrades, if necessary.




The Custom Human Robot™ Order and Production Process



  • Step 1: Defining the features of each Custom Human Robot™ with our customer;


  • Step 2: CHR™ preliminary design execution;


  • Step 3: Rundown of the detailed specifications of the Custom Human Robot™ agreed upon with our customer;


  • Step 4: Design and finishing touches according to the specifications provided by the customer of each Custom Human Robot™;


  • Step 5: Execution of the Custom Human Robot™ according to the custom specifications and features;


  • Step 6: Testing and tweaking of the Custom Human Robot™ and the Robot Operating System™ (ROS 2020™);


  • Step 7: Final adjustments and secure delivery of the Custom Human Robot™ and accessories for operating the ROS 2020™;





The Duration of Completion for Custom Human Robots™


Each Custom Human Robot™ (CHR™) has different capabilities, specifications and features that allow various performances in different areas, therefore we cannot confirm a fixed delivery time, as features and specifications of the CHR™ are not known beforehand.

For example, someone may want their CHR™ to be able to lift a certain weight and put it down shortly after, but someone else wants their CHR™ to lift a different, larger weight, in order to transport it for six hours, at 100 miles distance, while operating a mid-size drone.

Obviously, you can understand that different capabilities, specifications and performance require much different work, the duration of which cannot be set certainly.




All Custom Human Robots™ Are Unique


From one order to another, each human robot is unique in design, as well as production. Our customers are different, and each order has specific requirements in regards to design, specifications, appearance and the expected performance of their human robot.

Simply put, people have very different requirements that their CHR™ must meet, features which cannot disclose, as we are under the obligation to maintain complete privacy and confidentiality related to each one of our customers and their orders.




Contact Information for Inquiries of New Customers:


In order for us to focus on the research, design, specifications, performance and production process of each Custom Human Robot™ we, at Custom Human Robots, have established a sales office which you can contact at

Please mention the main specifications of the Custom Human Robot™, what kind of tasks you would like it to perform, as well as your available budget and contact details. One of our sales agents will respond as soon as possible.

Appointment only meetings at 95 Third Street, San Francisco, California, 94103, USA for existing customers, delivering, bringing in Custom Human Robots™ for yearly maintenance or scheduled upgrades.




Human Robots - Custom Human Robots - Humanoid Robots - Human-like Robots - Robots that Look Like Humans Customhumanrobots Custom Human Robots


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